About us

At our core, Worldwide BDC revolves around and runs on people.

We feel that if we take care of our people, they will take care of our dealers. 

“Our mission is simple, to be the most people centric company in the automotive industry”

Meet Our Team

Jason Miller

Owner / President

Javian Taylor

Sales BDC Director

Cristhian Bedregal

Lead Sales Trainer / Floor Manager

Maribel Miller


Alex Persuat

Alex Persaud

Service to Sales/Data Mining Director

Morgan Conway

Managing Partner / VP


Lissette Skaare

Director of Human Resources

Blas Ramirez

Managing Partner / COO

Lauren Segura - Director of Service BDC & Chat

Lauren Segura

Director of Service BDC & Chat


Hector Denis

Chief Development Officer

Ezequiel Campos

Director of Marketing